Medan, after 12 years. (1st day)

On Christmas day, I flew solo to Medan. A city where both my parents were born. My mom’s brothers and their children are still living there. I’m here to attend my cousin’s wedding this Sunday. Quite excited to explore Medan in six days after 12 years.


After 2.5 hours flight from Jakarta, I landed at Kuala Namu International Airport. A new airport substituting Polonia Airport. My my… I was enchanted by its modern design, simply the best in Indonesia right now.






After collecting my luggage, My cousins brought me to have lunch (I was starving) in Gumarang Restaurant. They serve Minang (Padang) food. And while I was there, it was never empty. There's always customers waiting to be seated. It's very popular here and their fried chicken is very recommended. But I love all the food on my table.




I went to visit my uncles and aunts afterwards. No doubt that Christmas is best spent with family, especially after not seeing each other for so so long. I’m glad to see them again.

Later at the evening, we went to Selat Panjang. It’s basically an alley that filled with food seller (from noodles, satay and many kinds of local cakes). If you like to eat, Medan is a good place for you. I remember that as a kid, when I visited Medan, I always gained 2 kg in a week. It’s always an eating business when you’re in Medan.


I really had a Merry Christmas. Haha.

Merry Belated Christmas folks,



Ps: I fulfilled my dream to visit this famous mosque, Masjid Raya Medan. Its architechture boasts Middle East, Indian and Spanish style. Built by Dutch architech and contractor, by the order of Sultan in 1906. Parts of the mosque’s interior was imported from China, Germany, France and Italy.

Medan, after 12 years. (1st day)

My Saturday at PEPeNERO

Last Saturday, I had an Italian dinner with my friends. It was one of the most beautiful and famous Italian restaurant in town, PEPeNERO. Located at The Energy Building – Jendral Sudirman Street, Jakarta (PEPeNERO also has several other branches in Jakarta) it offers the perfect ambiance for a perfect dining experience. I totally love the design of the place..





Now, let’s talk about the food. Well, Italian food is one of my favorite. And I can say this is one of the best places to eat Italian cuisine in Jakarta since they offer this authentic taste of Italian food.


Personally I would recommend their Pancetta e Grana Pizza. It’s a simple kind of pizza but rich in taste.


And some other dishes we ordered :





When I’m enjoying a full course of Italian food, a Mojito will be the perfect cherry on top (a virgin one, since I don’t drink alcohol). Why? Because the taste of citrus in a virgin mojito refreshes me after eating so much.


For those of you enthusiasts of dessert department, not to worry… Here’s a sneak peak :


Fortunately, I didn’t forget a scoop of gelato afterward! Ha! Yep, it tasted so good!


I really love the whole experience. The price range is quite reasonable for the food quality being offered. Will definitely go back sometime soon PEPeNERO !



My Saturday at PEPeNERO

Happy Thanksgiving

I notice that this is the week that Americans celebrate Thanksgiving Day. We don’t have this in Indonesia, but I would love to send out my Happy Thanksgiving to all American readers who celebrate.

An enticing word THANKSGIVING is. I have an experience of learning to give thanks. Since I was a little girl, I have friends who have better financial backgrounds. Their fathers could  buy them designer bags and clothes, latest gadget, and could afford to whisk the family to holidays abroad every year. I grow up with my eyes looking up all the time. Comparing what they could have and what I did have. It made me an insecure teenager and had the ambition that one day I must be a rich person so that I can be like my friends. But, now I looked back and felt sorry for that girl with such a narrow mind and lack of happiness.

But then I had the chance to visit a remote village in Flores, Nusa Tenggara Timur. The people lived in such a terrible and poor living condition. The whole village screamed “POVERTY”. I couldn’t take a shower for 3 full days, since there was no clean water and no electricity. They barely shower all their lives. Skin diseases affect many people there. That became a wake up call for me personally.


Those simple people warmed my heart. In this photo I was hugged by an old woman of the village. With the experience, I looked at people with far worse living condition then I. All the sounds of “luxury” went out of my head and Thanksgiving shouted out loud taking my attention. Well, nicer things are good to enjoy, but they shouldn’t be a benchmark of how I value my life. Back at the little town I stayed in after the visit to this village before I flew back to Jakarta, I cried having my 1st shower in 3 days. I was so sad that I never thank my parents who have given me a good home, with always enough food to eat, electricity and clean water. I never thank my dad who earns for the family.

A brave man said “In everything give thanks for this is the will of God in Christ concerning you”. Since I adopted thanksgiving into my vocabulary, my life changed. I can see things through different perspective.

And you know what, my girlfriends celebrated my birthday last week, I didn’t think about presents as I enjoyed the celebration itself so much. I didn’t see this coming but, they just gave me a late birthday present.


I nearly jumped when I see the  BodyShop label (I love their products so much) and not to mention this cute painting of a puppy! I love painting and been looking for some paintings to grace my bedroom. This is just perfect! I can even hang this in my nursery later in life (Ha!).



Thank you girls! What a thoughtful gifts… I love them and can’t even stop thanking God for sending you all in my life. I’m so blessed by each and everyone of you. This is one of the moments that I experience the word Thanksgiving, that is by spending life with amazing people who inspire you and keeps you humble, while always aim to be a better person.

Let us take a moment and just give thanks of small things in life that really matter.




Happy Thanksgiving

Ladies, beware! (Cyst talk)

For some people, this might be a bit personal to talk about. But, I couldn’t bring myself to make peace with this issue. In the year 2013 alone, two of my closest girlfriends had to go under the knives to remove cysts from their ovaries. Each of them had two cysts in their bodies. One in each of their ovary (so, we are talking about 2 women, 4 ovaries -since a woman has 2 ovaries- and 4 cysts). When they found out that they had them, the size of each cyst had grown as big as a tennis ball. They had no choice but to had a surgery to remove them.

I was so startled. I conclude that this could happen to many women, even my mom has it. But the doctors told my mom that she didn’t have to have a surgery since it could disappear in menopausal period (thanks to hormonal change). But to those who still want to have kids, a cyst can disrupt somebody to get pregnant. So, I decided to share this here. I want every woman who read this to be equipped and to get some information about it.

What is a cyst? A cyst is a closed sac that contains fluid or semi solid material. It can grow in women’s ovaries, vagina, and vulva.

What are the causes of a cyst ? There are many things that can trigger the growth of a cyst in our bodies. It can be from infection, a tumor, genetic conditions, hormonal changes, chronic inflammatory conditions, imperfect embryo formation and imbalance lifestyle.

How do we aware of its existence ? There is no definite symptom, but according to those who have had cysts, they started to realize that there is something wrong after their stomachs got a little bloated. Then there is severe pain each time they had menstruation and irregular menstruation cycles.

How to avoid it? We need to reduce the consumption of junk food and eat more vegetables and fruits. Please avoid eating red meat and high glucose food too much. Life a balance lifestyle, drink much water, reduce your stress level and have enough sleep and rest.

I hope you found this helpful and let’s take care of our bodies, Ladies. For gentlemen who read this, protect the women you love by gently remind them to live a healthy lifestyle and encourage them to check with the doctors anytime they notice there is something wrong. Because “Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored” – Aldous Huxley. The sooner we find out, the better, because it allows us time to think of the best treatment possible.


Live Healthy

P.s. This image I found while googling reminds me to live healthy and stay healthy.

Ladies, beware! (Cyst talk)

Are you a 9 to 5 type or person?

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about my work and career. I’m working as an English teacher and by that of course I’m working in a routine time window. In my case, I should be at the office at 10 AM and leave the office at 7 PM. Yes, 7 PM and on 5 PM on Wednesdays.

I’ve been working full time for this company for almost 2 years. And to tell you the truth I’m quite surprised of how I’ve been adapting to this routine. Actually, I’m more of a dynamic and flexible person that doesn’t like doing the same thing over and over again. I’m easily bored.

When I sit back and think about how this work has changed me, oh boy it does change me a lot! I learn to be persistent, and be responsible. I do my work not because I FEEL like doing it, but I WANT to do it. Yes, I learned to break through this emotional shield a girl develop on her teenage years. I call it GROWING UP.

But if you ask me, “G, would u like to work like that all your life? You know with the routine of arriving on your office and going home at the same time every day.” Hm.. With all due respect to all who love their 9 to 5 work (because some people are just good with it! They have the magic touch and passion, just like some people I know). In my mind I always have this picture I consider ideal. Being a wife and mom who has her own earnings, being able to pick my kids out of school and being able to greet my husband when he is back from work. Call me old school, but it’s a luxury for me. Not yet, but one day I will be.. Which type are you?

Nine to five


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Are you a 9 to 5 type or person?

Post No. 1

Hello blogosphere ! It’s so so nice to be able to re-join and to actually write. I had a blog before, but because of one thing and another I decided to discontinue it. Now, I’m back and ready.

I decided to create a new blog on my birthday last week. Why? Because I found out that blogging is one of the things that excites me. Makes me anticipate all events coming through my life, instead of just take them for granted. I will have the chances to keep them here and actually revisit those memories, constantly being grateful of my life. That’s the aim!



A photo taken by my friend Maria on one of my birthday celebrations (check her blog here , it’s written in Indonesian)

The cake is Champs Patisserie ‘s Signature Vanilla mille crepes. It’s perfect for those of you who don’t like a cake too sweet. I love it!

Post No. 1